Tzipora ve Rachel lo metot

Hadar Morag — Israel — 2023 — 102'

After 30 years, Tahel (Rachel at birth) finally persuades her sister Tzipora to leave Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital and move in with her. Together, the two sisters challenge and dismantle the language, both verbal and cinematic, until they can use it to speak the silence, the oblivion, the dissociation; the black abyss of trauma, what it is they cannot remember and therefore, unable to forget.

DirectorHadar Morag
ProducerHadar Morag
Director of photographyTahel Ran, Hadar Morag
EditorHadar Morag
SoundKeren Or Biton
FestivalsSFF 2024, DocAviv 2023, DocLisboa 2023, SRIFF 2023
Language Arabic Hebrew
Category International Competition Programme

Regional premiere


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Q&A after the screening


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