War of Art

Tommy Gulliksen — GermanyNorway — 2019 — 102'

While the world is on the verge of nuclear war, a group of Western contemporary artists are invited into the eye of the storm – North Korea. The aim is to collaborate with North Korean artists in an art-exchange project displaying new and challenging art in a country where abstract art is forbidden. We observe as the notoriously clandestine and bleak country is invaded by this cast of colorful characters. They arrive in pursuit of a peaceful cultural exchange, but the project may well turn into a War of Art.

DirectorTommy Gulliksen
ProducersLinn Aronsen, Eirin O. Høgetveit, Benedikte Danielsen, Andreas Gutzeit
CameraSven Erling Brusletto
EditingUwe Klimmeck
FestivalsCPH: DOX 2019, Dok.fest Munich 2019, Sheffield 2019
Categories Focus: Norway

Regional premiere



Museum of Yugoslavia Amphitheater

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