Water & Coltan

Daniel Kötter — GermanyDemocratic Republic of the Congo — 2021 — 51'

This VR film contrasts two natural resources, two locations, and two layers in time. The common denominator is mining—and the traces it leaves behind in landscapes and communities. On the one hand, we have the depleted coal mines of Germany’s Ruhr region, while on the other, we have the still-active coltan mines in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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DirectorDaniel Kötter
Script Daniel Kötter, Anna Ptak
ProducersDaniel Kötter, Andrea Oberfeld, Leoni Grutzmacher
Director of photographyDaniel Kötter
EditorDaniel Kötter
Language Mashi Swahili
Category XR Exhibition: Immersive Reality

Regional premiere


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