Wild Berries

Marianna Vas, Hedda Bednarszky — PortugalHungaryRomania — 2018 — 20'

Wandering through fields and forests in a desolate landscape, a solitary boy heads further towards the unknown at every step. Observant and patient at times, bored and restless at others, he searches for something that seems to remain out of his reach. He looks back at us as we follow him into his slowly disintegrating universe, driven by a desire for something in ourselves that perhaps never existed.

DirectorsMarianna Vas, Hedda Bednarszky
ProducersCristina Hoffman, Dan Nutu, Tiago Matos, Noémi Veronika Szakonyi, Krisztina Meggyes
CameraMarianna Vas
EditingHedda Bednarszky, Marianna Vas, Anna Vághy
FestivalsDocLisboa 2018, Sheffield 2019, Ji.hlava 2019
Category Landscape

Regional premiere


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