Serbian Docs in Progress 2020

Serbian Docs in Progress is a platform to present documentary projects from Serbia to international industry. The aim is to support the production, post-production, distribution, and visibility of Serbian documentaries at film festivals, on TV channels and VOD platforms by presenting the projects to festival programmers, sales agents, distributors, TV commissioning editors and potential co-producers.

Serbian Docs in Progress will showcase 8 projects in different stages of development or production. the public pitchings will be followed by one-to-one meetings (this year held online).

Decision makers 2020

Anna Kaslová / East Doc Market Coordinator / Institute of Documentary Film / Czech Republic
Angeliki Petrou / International Program Coordinator / Thessaloniki Documentary Festival / Greece
Alexandra Derewienko / Sales & Acquisitions, Cat&Docs / France
Dagne Vildžiūnaite / Producer / Just A Moment / Lithuania
Elisabeth Grund / TV Sales / Autlook Sales / Austria
Djani Hasečić / Head of Revisioning/Programme Department / Al Jazeera Balkans / Bosnia and Herzegovina
Darya Bassel / Programmer, Head of Industry Platform / DocyDays UA / Ukraine
Jovica Tojagić / Documentary Program Head of Acquisition and Selection / Radio-Television of Vojvodina – RTV / Serbia
Lejla Dedić / Programme Producer / Al Jazeera Balkans / Bosnia and Herzegovina
Maja Jelisić Cooper / Co-founder, CEO / Klasik TV / Croatia
Mette Bjerregaard / Programme & Sales Manager / DR Sales / Denmark
Mira Vocinkic / Head of Foreign Programme Acquisitions / HRT – Croatian Radiotelevision / Croatia
Moritz Bonatti / Producer / Helios Sustainable Films / Italy
Nevena Milašinović / Co-founder / Sales & Acquisition Executive / Sweet Spot Docs / Switzerland
Neraida Cukali / Editor-in-Chief of Movie and Docu channel / RTSH – Albania Radio-Television / Albania
Patrizia Mancini / International Development Executive / Sunny Side of the Doc / France
Sead Kreševljaković / Creative and Commissioning Producer / Al Jazeera Balkans / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Projects 2020

A Man Sings After the War / Čovek Peva Posle Rata

Logline The three artists from Syria, Iraq and Kosovo struggle to find a sense in life after the war.

Synopsis Diala, an illustrator, finds a refuge in France after an exile from Syria. In Baghdad Ali, a choreographer, works on a new piece while demonstrations are on the streets. Goran, a visual artist from Kosovo, goes to his hometown he left as a refugee 20 years ago. We follow Diala going back to Beirut to work in a refugee camps, Goran trying to bring ancient enemies together through art and Ali working with his dancers in a war zone. The film illuminates their struggle to find a sense in life after the war.

Director’s Biography Director, Ana Otasevic, has an outstanding international career as journalist specialized in international affairs. She has been working on documentary films for French and international broadcasters before starting her own career as a documentarist. She has established her own production house, DarMar Films, committed to producing the high-quality creative documentaries with a strong personal voice.

Director Ana Otašević
Producer Aleksandra Lazarovski
Co-producer Ana Otašević
Expected duration 90’
Shooting format Digital
Expected delivery November 2022
Language French, English
Budget 199,637 EUR
Production company Jugo film
Co-production company Darmar films
Contact Aleksandra Lazarovski (


Without / Bez

Logline Outsider, laborer and a painter, Aleksandar loses his dog, and now he is on a quest to find it.

Synopsis “Without” is a humorous creative documentary in which an extraordinary and in many ways unique character Aleksandar Denic, painter is our guide on a journey through his vision of Serbia which gives it the social, political and emotional context – stuck in constant transition where past collides with present, where churches clash with remains of communist times and cheap new buildings are built on ancient remains. On this quest both Aleksandar and Serbia are looking for identity.

Director’s Biography Luka Papić, director born in Vrbas, Serbia in 1989. Studied Audio-video technologies BA at Belgrade University from 2008 – 2011. In 2011. started studies at HFBK Hamburg academy of arts in the film department. In 2016. finished MFA studies in the class of Angela Schanelec. Received Encouraging New Talent Award – grant (support for graduation plans) for the best graduation work of the 2016. for the short film “Grapevines”. 2016. During the studies in Hamburg Luka Papić was supported by K.H. Ditze grant and Freundeskreisproject development fund. Besides directing Luka Papic works as music composer for theater and film, and film editor.

Director Luka Papić
Producer Srđa Vučo
Expected duration 70’
Shooting format HD
Expected delivery December 2020
Language Serbian
Budget 129,270 EUR
Production company Non aligned films
Contact  Srđa Vučo (

I’m People, I am Nobody / I’m People, I am Nobody

Logline Days between You’ve been born and You die, is measured by trust and love.

Synopsis After exposing himself in front of the minors, Stevan is waiting for the final verdict in long and exhausting trial in Malta. He is sending the audio letters from the prison, trying to defend himself, and reach for the help, just to confirm himself that he’s been wrong for the whole time.

Director’s Biography Born in Belgrade,1989. Directed and produced short documentaries and fiction films. “The Love Case or Tragedy of an Ordinary Man”; has been screened at numerous festivals and won awards such as best director and best film. “Horizons”, his debut fiction feature film, premiered at the 39th Cairo IFF, 2017. Currently developing co-production feature fiction: “Summer Nights, Morning Haze” (MIDPOINT 2018 intensive Serbia, Sarajevo Talents 2018 and New Horizons STUDIO+ program). Founder and CEO of art-house film production company Gray Tree Film, based in Belgrade. Married to Ivana and father of Dušan.

Directors Svetislav Dragomirović
Producer Svetislav Dragomirović
Co-producer Lorand Balazs Imre
Expected duration 70’
Shooting format Digital, Mobile phone
Expected Delivery December 2020
Language Serbian, English
Budget 64,142 EUR
Production company Gray Tree Film
Co-production companies SpeakEasy Project – Berlin
Contact Svetislav Dragomirović (


Kaddish for Lotika / Kadiš za Lotiku

Logline Lotika Zellermeier was Andric’s inspiration for the heroine of the novel “The Bridge on the Drina”.

Synopsis Lotika Zellermeier was Ivo Andric’s inspiration for the heroine of the novel “The Bridge on the Drina” for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1961. Lotika is the most important women figure in the history Ex – Yugoslav literature and this is her story.

Director’s Biography Irena Skoric graduated film and TV directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She obtained her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Her films have participated in numerous local and international festivals and won 60 prizes. Her short fiction film Farewell (2008) won 20 awards, and was selected for 14th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean and was candidate for Student Oscar film award, was in selection of San Sebastian film festival etc. 7 seX 7 (2011) is her first feature fiction film, it was in official selection at Montréal World Film Festival and won awards in Houston and Verona. Her last feature documentary is Unwanted heritage (2016.)

Director Irena Škorić
Producer Predrag Peca Jakovljević
Co-producer Irena Škorić
Expected duration 90’
Shooting format HDcam
Expected delivery October 2021
Language Serbian
Budget 120,000 EUR
Production company Oktobar film
Contact Irena Škorić (irena.škorić


Rabbit From a Tin Hat / Zec iz limenog šešira

Logline Stories of the times when curious people wanted to push the edges of mind and science.

Synopsis Rabbit From a Tin Hat is an animated journey through the history of psychological and para-psychological warfare, focusing on what was happening behind the curtains, revealing all the weird, crazy and unbelievable stories of people trying to achieve war dominance through fantastical means. From ancient to modern times, from spiritualism and occult to telepathy and psychic powers the series covers methodical scientific experiments, but also trickery and fraud.

Director’s Biography Born in 1986 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Education: Graduated New Media and Digital Art at the University of Novi Sad, Academy of Arts (2012). Participating in Animation Sans Frontières 2017/2018, training for producers and artists in animation; Participating in “The Living Room of the Future” designing the future of broadcasting organised by BBC, Databox and FACT. Professional skills: 10 years experience in video game animation; Current work: Origin Tales – Co-founder, creative producer. Developing “Rabbit in a Tin Hat” animated documentary about pseudoscience and magical thinking in times of crisis.

Director Ivan Bereš
Producer Igor Zarol
Expected duration 12 x 22min
Shooting format Digital
Expected Delivery February 2022
Language English
Budget 714,400 EUR
Production company Origin Tales
Contact Igor Zarol (


So, Where the Hell is My Prince Charming? / I, gde je taj princ na belom konju?

Logline Danica tries to heal her past wounds by getting married and realizes she needs to marry herself.

Synopsis Danica, a woman in her sixties is very authentic and has a spirit of a beam of light. She goes to dancing parties, writes poetry and has only one wish – to say “I DO”. After she finds out that her boyfriend of 8 years, Branislav, doesn’t want to get married, her romance life starts crumbling down and a new dilemma encounters Danica’s thoughts – Is he the right man for her?

Director’s Biography Sonja Rakic graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in multimedia directing (2014). She directed the short films “Jad Fukare”. (2010) “Ubice“ (2012), “Devijacija” (2013) and “Svi vole keks Cajanko” (2014). Her play „Fool for Love“ has headlined at the National Theater in Leskovac for three years running. Sonja has also directed fashion videos for Dejan Kovacevic and TV series such as “Dnevnjak“ (2015-2017),“The Danube the never-ending river “ (2014-2015),“Otkos korupcije“ (2013), “Trail Running“ (2017).

Director Sonja Rakić
Producer Ana Renovica
Expected duration 90′
Shooting format UHD 4k
Expected Delivery March 2021
Language Serbian, Italian, Greek
Budget 180,000 EUR
Production company 888 Films
Contact Ana Renovica (


Warm film / Topli film

Logline Two young actors received an offer to play homosexuals, which led them to rich history of YU cinema.

Synopsis In Sixties, they were marked as sexual minority thankful to radical black wave style in Yugoslavia… In Eighties, every comedy had some queer character… At the beginning of the 21th century, LGBTQ persons become common parts of most movies, following the post-modern trends…WARM FILM is based on a research about the representation of LGBTQ people through the art of cinema, during the different periods of Yugoslavia. WARM FILM is structured from archive materials, interviews and fake feature film.

Director’s Biography Nikola Ljuca – director and writer, known for feature films Humidity (2016, Berlinale film festival), Sergeant (2012) and Thursday (2010).

Director Nikola Ljuca, Dragan Jovićević
Producer Nataša Pavlović
Expected duration 90′
Shooting format 4K
Expected Delivery October 2021
Language Serbian
Budget 216,075 EUR
Production company Pogon
Contact Nataša Pavlović (

Goodbye Beautiful / Div junak

Logline The last battle cry of two 90-year-old partisan veterans and their journey to keep the anti-fascist legacy alive in a society which forgot its own ideals and heroes.

Synopsis Miša Mirković (90) has been filmed since his early childhood throughout his entire adult life. In WWII, he was a courier to the prominent partisan leaders which paved a path to him being assigned acting roles in many Yugoslav feature films. In the late 1950s, he also embarked on a film directing career in television, which was followed by his appointment as a head of the TV Belgrade, up until his retirement. During this time, he led an active social life in a company of some of the most influential personas of the post the WWII Yugoslavia. Mostly forgotten, Miša spends his elderly days maintaining his health in a socialistic style skyscraper with his wife who’s poor in health. During one of the routine checkups, he hears the news about the sale of the Memorial complex dedicated to WWII children fighters. Although the Memorial complex is protected as a cultural good of an outmost it has been neglected and left to deteriorate. As most of his comrades are either dead or immobile, Miša seeks help from Zdenko Duplančić (91), a former child fighter and retired aviation colonel. After the WWII, Zdenko was sent to the Military Academy in the USSR only to become an advisor to a large number of liberation movements in the Middle East and Africa. Today he leads an active social life as president of a large number of WWII veteran societies.  Miša and Zdenko will join forces in an attempt to form a larger group of activists to stop the selling of the Memorial complex and its further decay. During their fight they face absurd daily challenges and inertia of institutions in a society inclined towards an oblivion of their own socialist past, values and heroes.

Director’s Biography Vladimir Milovanovic, director (1981) graduate at the Faculty of Law at Belgrade University and holds the Master degree in film and television direction from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. His films has been screened to numerous film festivals and won several awards. He is Balkan Documentary Center, Ex Oriente Film(IDF) and EURODOC alumni. He is founder of Belgrade based production company Propaganda Film.

Director Vladimir Milovanović
Producer Tamara Babun, Katarina Stanković, Vladimir Milovanović
Expected duration 86′
Shooting format 2K
Expected Delivery Late 2021/Early 2022.
Language Serbian
Budget 130,000 EUR
Production company Propaganda Film, YUniverse Films, Wolfgang&Dolly
Contact Vladimir Milovanović (



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