Serbian Docs in Progress is a platform to present documentary projects from Serbia to international industry. The aim is to support the production, post-production, distribution, and visibility of Serbian documentaries at film festivals, on TV channels and VOD platforms by presenting the projects to festival programmers, sales agents, distributors, TV commissioning editors and potential co-producers.


Jury 2021

Igor Tomljanović

Born in 1967 in Zagreb, graduated film and TV editor. Since 1989 working as a film critic, journalist and editor on Radio 101, Z3 television, Globus, Obzor magazine, Croatian Radio programs Face to Face and Filmoskop, published on the web portal, the 21st century daily and a specialized film website Member of the editorial board of the film magazines Kinoteka (1991-1994) and Hrvatski ljetopis (1995-2003).

In the media since the late 1980s as a journalist, film critic and editor, editor of the culture department at Radio 101, journalist and editor in the weekly news magazine Globus, Editor-In-Chief of the weekly TV magazine Stars (2003-2008), Editor-In-Chief of Radio 101 (2009-2010), Editor-In-Chief of Croatian Radio and Television (2015-2016), editor in the film program of the Croatian Radio and Television (2016-2019), editor-In-Chief of the cable TV channels KlasikTV (2010-2015, 2019-now) and DoxTV (2019-now).

Branko Lazić

Branko Lazic was born in 1968 in Sarajevo and lives in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Author of over 500 shows, videos, and documentaries. He works at the Radio Television of Republika Srpska (public TV) as comision editor of a documentary program. Worked as a photojournalist, cameraman, director, producer, production manager and program director of ATV BL. He has over 50 awards at domestic and international documentary film festivals. Author of 8 features and 15 short documentaries.


Franziska Sonder 

Franziska Sonder attended the German-French Masterclass Ludwigsburg-Paris at the Ludwigsburg Film Academy and la fémis in Paris, she participated in the Ex Oriente development programme (focussing on Eastern European co-productions), she was among the participants in Eurodoc 2018 and the Rotterdam Lab in 2019. Franziska Sonder founded the production company Ensemble Film and works as a producer in Zurich. The first released short THE GAME by Roman Hodel premiered in 2020 at the 77th Venice International Film Festival and the 360 degree documentary CAVES by Carlos Isabel Garica in 2021 at VR Expended at the 78th Venice International Film Festival. The full-length documentaries LOVING HIGHSMITH by Eva Vitija, and LOVE WILL COME LATER by Julia Furer will be released in 2021.


Prizes 2021

Beldocs Industry Award  – 500 EUR

The Beldocs Industry Award by Beldocs IDFF is granted to the authors of the best pitch of Serbian Docs in Progress decided upon by an international jury consisting of filmmakers and representatives of TV broadcasters.


DokSrbija Encouragement Award

2 yearly memberships for the association plus 3 mentoring sessions with DokSrbija members, tailored to the needs of the project.


Serbian Docs in Progress 2021

dir. Gabriella Nikolić

A box with photographs discovered in the wall of apartment tells a story of silence greater time

Gabriella, an artist, comes to her hometown after 20 years in Canada to search for answers about photos from a found box. Her father avoids the subject, her aunt tells legends about relatives who perished in Holocaust. Gabriella is both inspired and traumatized by discoveries. Individual and collective silence, in our story, is stupendous than time, deeply affecting our main protagonist.

Original language Serbian
Subtitles English
Length 90 minutes
Expected date of delivery 03/2023
Production company G358, Serbia

dir. Ana Dragić

Serbian girl is on a quest to re-examine the history and memories of one iconic building in Kosovo.

Through a collage of dialogue with various generations of Kosovo Albanians, director traces the story of the iconic Palace of Youth and Sports in Prishtina, formerly known as Sports and Culture Centre “Boro and Ramiz”. This monumental building sits at the intersection between the history of former Yugoslavia and the creation of new national identity, acting as a lens to consider complex issues related to collective / personal memory and visions for the future.

Original language Serbian, Albanian, English
Subtitles Serbian, Albanian, English
Length 75 minutes
Expected date of delivery 03/2023
Production company Khora Association, Serbia

dir. Nenad Mikalacki

This film seeks to portray how one little girl influenced contemporary Serbian society.

A rare case in Serbian history where a civil initiative gets to be recognized by the state and results in introduction of a new law, named after a little girl who died while waiting for the right diagnosis and treatment (“Zoja’s law”).  This film aims to show that any ordinary citizen can make a difference. It is an adaptation of the book titled “Zoja”, based on personal experience of Bojana Mirosavljvić and written by Ivana Krgović.

Original language Serbian
Subtitles English
Length 70 minutes
Expected date of delivery 11/2022
Production company Druid, Serbia

dir. Milica Đenić

Comedy that reveals the tragic fate of it’s protagonist Žika in a vanishing Serbian village

Following the traditional method of distilling “rakija”, the official drink for every occasion, and through the close relationship that develops during filming between the main character Žika and the director, this film introduces us to the Shakespearean fate of it’s protagonist.

Original language Serbian
Subtitles English
Length 90 minutes
Expected date of delivery 03/2022
Production company Big Time Production, Serbia

dir. Ana Žugić

The conflict between the narratives of human memory and the narratives of the reproduced mementos found on VHS tapes reveals the relativity of human perception.

VHS: The Case of Lost Memory is a found footage documentary portraying a generation who grew up in a country that was losing its identity. Woven from the continuity of emotion and movement the film’s protagonist is a composite character that emerges through the relation of different VHS materials. The intimate journey takes this illusionary character to confront his recorded childhood memories that are trapped on VHS tapes. In the relation between tangible mementos and evoked human memory, this poetic documentary explores a dreamlike world of memory reconstruction, somewhere between the past, the present, and the future.

Original language Serbian
Subtitles English
Length 75 minutes
Expected date of delivery 01/2022
Production company GULU GULU Presenta, Serbia


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