There are several opportunities to advertise around and during Beldocs. You can advertise in one of the festival publications, place banners at festival venues, play commercial or corporate films before screenings or use our social media platforms…Contact us to discuss a tailor-made collaboration.

Formats and rates

Beldocs Program Magazine

Reach: 10000 printed copies

1 page: 1000e
1/2 page: 500e

Beldocs Program Guide

1 page: 400e
1/2 page: 200e

Beldocs Industry Program Magazine

1 page: 400e
1/2 page: 200e

Slides in cinemas

Static visuals placed before all film screenings at all 6 locations where the festival takes place:


Commercial or Corporate Films up to 20s

Broadcasted before all film screenings at all 6 locations:


Beldocs Newsletter (Audience and Professional)

Publication period: 4 times a year

1 page: 200e

Roll up

Placed at festival locations

300e (per piece per location)


If you have questions or need more information, our donation manager Rada Aleksić will be happy to help you. You can contact us via e-mail at:


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