Corporate support

Since it was founded in 2008, Beldocs has been continuously growing, not only in terms of number of films and visitors, distinguished local and international guests and number of screening locations, but also in terms of media visibility – number of press announcements, press conferences, media sponsors and partners, accredited journalists – both locally and internationally. Along the way, Beldocs managed to build a recognisable brand characterised by a constant growth of PR and commercial value and to put itself on the map of prestigious European festivals of feature-length documentary films.

If you choose Beldocs as your partner, you are teaming up with an organisation that has a wide, diverse and loyal audience, and is represented by a professional, creative and dedicated team. Artistic quality, authenticity and care for the community are core values that are emphasised and strengthened in the partnership with Beldocs. Depending on the goals and possibilities of your company, your can choose one of different modes of cooperation that is most suited for your organisation!

In addition to the various types of benefits that we offer to our partners depending on the selected package – implementation of logo in festival promotional material, broadcasting of promotional videos before film screenings, mentions in official press releases, as well as in social media posts – potential partners are provided with the opportunity to decide with us on the type of promotional activities that would suit them best. Once we determine what your PR and marketing goals are, we can co-create and select specific activities and activations that connect your needs with those of our audience.

Beldocs also implements various programs and activities that are not limited only to the duration of the festival, but take place throughout the year – from traveling festival program across Serbian cities (Beldocs echo tour), through educational programs for young people (Beldocs Teen and Mini Beldocs), to the Industry program intended for film professionals. You can also decide to sponsor the awards for the International Competition Programme, Best Director Award for the Serbian Competition Programme or the Award for Beldocs Teen Programme and thereby support both established names in local and international documentary filmmaking, as well as young future filmmakers. The variety of programs and activities of Beldocs offer opportunities for special cooperation, adapted to the interests and needs of your company.


If you have questions or need more information, our donation manager Rada Aleksić will be happy to help you. You can contact us via e-mail at:


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