Successful Film Career Starts with Self Care of Filmmakers – How to Get Your Film out There and Stay Sane?
Masterclass by Irena Taskovski
May 12, 11.00, Multimedia Hall, Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1 

A story worth telling takes time to come into existence. Even before you pitch the idea to someone, you need a gripping theme which will move and reach audiences. A core of the film needs to be found in order to create an authentic and powerful connection. The masterclass will focus on helping filmmakers to come up with a resonant story and preparing them to successfully present it.

Catching the International Audience: Towards a Successful Marketing Campaign
Panel discussion moderated by Brigid O’Shea
May 13, 11.30, Multimedia Hall, Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1

Every year there are more and more high-quality documentaries made all around the world. Yet how many of them actually do reach their viewers outside the traditional festival circuit? Are we in the documentary film industry doing our best at reaching our audiences? And who at the end of the day should take care about marketing of the films? The panel will discuss how documentary film producers, distributors, sales agents and other stakeholders can put their efforts together for the common goal of reaching various audiences.

Framing The Female Gaze At International Film Festivals: The Power of Telling Stories vs the Power of Showing Films
Panel discussion moderated by Biljana Tutorov
May 13, 17.00, Multimedia Hall, Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1

We invite and honor Diana Al Jaroudi – a Syrian filmmaker and producer based in Berlin, whose film work Republic of Silence (Venice 2021) have made a splash on the festival circuit – to dialogue about developing her gaze and its path towards big screens, to reflect on important place of female creative documentary in the world’s biggest celebrations of cinema.

Data Analysis for Better Understanding of Your Audience
Panel discussion moderated by Petar Mitrić
May 14, 11.00, Multimedia Hall, Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1

We live in the digital age that has changed the rules of our daily lives bringing many advantages and opening a huge field of opportunities yet to be discovered. During COVID-19 pandemics a large part of the film industry was forced to switch to digital, opening a set of new ways of distribution, marketing, production and finally: new ways of watching films. The data, as a qualitative and quantitative set of values that is being
collected on a global scale, can help us understand the market itself, as well as the real needs of the audiences providing a more direct communication with the final consumers in terms of content, habits and needs. During this panel we will try to put a light on examples of good practice and creative ways of using data analysis in the documentary film industry.

Challenges of Reaching Young Audiences
Panel discussion moderated by Vanja Delić
May 14, 12.00, Multimedia Hall, Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1

What is the importance of films for education? How to use films to open up more spontaneously the topics that are part of a school curriculum, or not included in it, but are important for development, education and understanding of the world we live in and which yet awaits young people?


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